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Tuesday, December 20, 2016
By Lillian Ashe Photography
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Jensen Wedding


DECEMBER 17, 2016




Hello Sunshine! Hello Love! Hello Details!

In every wedding, there is that little "je ne cest quoi" that makes it stand apart from every other wedding. That little " I don't know what" that everyone loves, that makes the room sparkle, that makes you smile brighter, your eyes grow wider, that makes the world sing! It's definitely, the details. I so enjoyed photographing Victoria and Phillip's wedding at the Central Baptist Church of Brandon this past weekend.  They had been such a joy to work with during their engagement session, that I knew we were going to have so much fun during their wedding event. 

Victoria had been planning her wedding for well over a year so she had a wonderful vision of what she truly wanted. The morning of the wedding all the bridesmaids and the bride got ready in the room adjacent to the narthex.  Victoria wore a beautiful strapless wedding gown with a sweetheart neckline. She topped her look off with a double layer scalloped shoulder length veil.  The bridesmaids for the day wore elegant black coordinating evening dresses and the groomsmen complimented the ladies in black suits.  The color scheme for the day was Royal Red, Winter White, and Midnight Black. It was simply elegant!  

The formal portraits, the fun creative candids and the reception were all held at the Central Baptist Church of Brandon's grounds.



Bridal Preparation


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Monday, August 03, 2015
By M Penn
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Downtown Tampa's dazzling sun and scenery were the backdrops for this energetic "Street Style" shoot.  Designer and Model, Coco, showcasing a few of her unique creations, enjoys the cool breeze on Tampa's newly renovated Riverwalk.  Coco, who recently returned from Paris, asked Lillian Ashe Photography to help launch her small but growing fashion business here in the US.  

With her team in tow, second shooter, Bill Rivera, and lighting assistant, Mike, joined Lillian Ashe for this eventful and crazy fun ride through the streets of Tampa. The Grand Hyatt, Rivergate Tower and University of Tampa's Plant Hall all contributed to the high fashion feel of the day.  Not to mention, the covert incident with the nice security guard who asked to remain nameless as he let us stage Coco on some of the building's more avant-garde furnishings.

These, of course, are just some of what was captured behind the scenes by Bill Rivera.  Not pictured here, however, are the myriad of cellphone shots taken by enthusiastic onlookers who seemed to be clambering for autographs from Coco and Lillian Ashe.


Applying false eyelashes to our stunning model, Coco.

With hot wand in hand, Lillian Ashe styles and curls Miss Coco's thick locks of hair, preparing her for the studio and location shoot.

Loving the wind through her hair, our elegant and exquisite model poses for many of the studio shots of the day!

Lillian Ashe Photography is a Glamour and Cinematic Themed Portrait Photographer based in beautiful sunny Tampa Bay Florida.