Studio FAQ's

What is a full service studio?

I offer cinematic and artistically created portrait sessions that capture the heart and fancy of my clients.  Whether it be a romantic portrait, reprising the role of Rose and Jack Dawson on the Titanic or a swashbuckling pirate, waving a sword swiftly through the air staving off pursuing buccaneers, my clients walk away with unique heirloom portraits and full fledge story-telling albums that will inspire stories for generations to come.  Your fine art full-service portrait session is about the time spent with you, the client, and the creative mind of your photographer bringing out the best and most artfully crafted “you” that you can be.  I start off with your initial Portrait Consultation Session, going over what you want to feel and expect out of your portrait session. We go over things such as wardrobe, location and props to enhance the images.  We also, discuss where you would like to eventually display the fine artwork in your home. During your Premiere Viewing Session, you will be able to review the final images from your session via slideshow and/or video, choose your favorites, and purchase final pieces of art.  No more low-grade, mass produced prints and canvases from 1-Hour Stop Shops or discount shop-marts.  Each of your portraits will be professionally created with the best fine art papers and canvases currently available.  I also spend the extra time to make certain the portraits, canvases and albums that you purchase will be the perfect fit for your home in the area you have chosen to display them.

What sort of photography do you specialize in?

I specialize primarily in Cinematic, Glamour, Graduation and Engagement portraiture.  You will find my work displays more of a thematic Hollywood movie flair and a somewhat whimsical fantasy feeling.  I strive to bring out the best in each of my clients, but doing so with a charming and unique twist not found in most portraiture today.  I believe in reviving a sense of beauty that our time has since forgotten.

Do you offer digitals?

Absolutely!  For each portrait purchased as a print, canvas or page of an album, you will receive a free media sized/watermarked digital, to share on any social media site!

What is included in the collections and the A la Carte menu?

The A La Carte menu allows you, the client, the freedom to choose from Gift Sizes (8 x 10’s to Wallets, for Grandma) up to Fine Art Metal and Acrylic Portraits (30 x 40’s to 11 x 14 for your living room parlor).

There are three different tiered collections available presently.  The premium collection contains a Gallery Wrap Canvas Portrait, a 16-Page Storybook Legend Album, 10 Gift Sizes and Facebook postings of ordered prints. The Basic Collection contains a smaller Fine Art Canvas, 8 Gift Sizes and Wallets.

How much does a typical client invest in portraits with Lillian Ashe Photography?

A client typically spends about $500 to $1500 on portrait prints, fine art canvases and family albums during their Premiere Viewing Session.  The Creative Fee is not included in this price.  It is crucial that the decision maker(s) are aware of the investment they will be making when booking and to be present during the Premiere Viewing Session.

What is included in the Creative Session Fee?

Your Creative Session Fee includes the following:

  1.        One (1) hour Pre-Portrait Consultation Meeting at a local coffee house or bakery to bring forth ideas and ensure a successful photo shoot.
  2.        Up to three (3) hours of coverage on your photo session.
  3.        Up to five (5) hours post-session image enhancement and/or preparation.
  4.        Up to two (2) hours of an in-person Premiere Viewing Session.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Lillian Ashe Photography offers payment plans for purchases over $400.  Payments are broken down into four (4) Bi-weekly Payments.  Twenty-five percent (25%) of the total purchase is due at the time of the payment agreement.  Items purchased will not be available for pickup until payments have been made in FULL.  Lillian Ashe Photography will not order the items until the items have been paid in full.

Location. Location.  Location?

You can pick the location within 10 miles of the Lillian Ashe Studio and it will be included in the Creative Fee.  Any location over 10 miles away from the studio will require an additional Travel Fee.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, I currently offer a ten percent (10%) discount on my Creative Fee to all military, fire and police personnel with valid I.D.

Must the Premiere Viewing Session be done in person?

Yes. It is very important that every Premiere Viewing Session be done in person.  That is all a part of what is included in the Creative Session Fee. You will view your portraits at a personally attended slide show and/or video.  You will be asked to order at this time.  Please make sure all decision makers are present, as additional ordering appointments incur a $50 fee. Once your order is placed in-person at your Premiere Viewing, your ordered digital images will be uploaded to an online portrait print lab.  Printing with them will ensure professional quality and correct colours.  Images will remain archived in my computer for ninety (90) days.  Anyone whom you would like to invite to the Premier Viewing Session may come and order on this date to purchase prints and products.

How can I set up a Meet & Greet?

You can contact me, Lillian Ashe, by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab in the toolbar above or call me at (813) 468-9200.

How do I book?

If you have not set up a Pre-Portrait Consultation meeting, I suggest that you set up a phone meeting or Skype meeting with me so that we can cover any questions before booking.  I like my clients to know exactly what they are getting into before making the investment.  It’s important that each client understands the service they will be receiving and portrait products that are available to them.  I need you, the client, to know that I am here to help you every step of the way.  Please fill out your needs for your portraiture by filling out the form on the “Contact Us” page located above on the toolbar.  You can also call me directly at (813) 468-9200 for more information.

Do you offer any kind of returning client incentive program?

Absolutely! It is of utmost importance to me that my clients are happy with the service they receive and so I like to reward them when they return!  For every session you book with Lillian Ashe Photography, you will receive a Creative Session Fee Gift Certificate good for the rest of that year when the original session was booked.  I require the voucher and $100 deposit at the time of booking.  The “deposit” reserves the time and date of your portrait session, but will be used as a credit towards your order during the Premiere Viewing Session.

Is my creative fee refundable if I should have to cancel?

No, every creative fee is non-refundable.  A creative fee reserves the time and date of your portrait session.  Once Lillian Ashe Photography reserves a date and time for you, the client(s), it ceases attempting to sell its services for this date and time to others.  If the photoshoot/event is cancelled or postponed, Lillian Ashe Photography suffers a loss.  Therefore, payments made by the client(s) are non-refundable under any circumstances.





Lillian Ashe Photography is a Glamour and Cinematic Themed Portrait Photographer based in beautiful sunny Tampa Bay Florida.