Your Photographer

I'm a feisty mother of three, or four, if you add in my husband. (By the way, he was the one that told me to say that.)  I believe in living well, laughing much and loving with all my heart.


Life's path has taken me everywhere from high pressure corporate career professional to home school mom.  No matter what I've ever done, I've learned to be grateful for the experience and passionate about doing it well.  Life's journey however, has never deviated for me.  I've always been one to create art, whether it be in the kitchen baking, on a canvas painting or clicking through the lens of a camera.  It is as much a part of me as my own soul.


My single favorite form of creation though is photography.  There is that one special moment when you connect through the lens to another person's heart and you capture that for eternity.  It is not just an image, but an amazing portrait of  who they are and what they are feeling in that moment of time.  Creating that connection is what I am so passionate about.


What I do for my clients is known as Transformational Imagery.  It has taken me years to develop the technical skills in photography, wardrobe, hair and make-up, but even more so to master the artistic sensibilities needed to bring that moment of "art and heart" to life.


Your portraits will be the product of a life times pursuit of beauty and creativity and I am grateful you've chosen me to create them for you! ~ Lillian Ashe

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Lillian Ashe Photography is a Glamour and Cinematic Themed Portrait Photographer based in beautiful sunny Tampa Bay Florida.